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The world is growing digital day by day. At Dryfruit mart, we make it easier for you to buy these tasty and nutritious dried fruits online. We, at Dryfruit mart, offer you over a 100+ products best- suited for leading an active lifestyle.

Our product categories include dry fruits, dried fruits, healthy nuts, healthy mix,  healthy seeds, dates,sweets and mints. We provide you a huge variety starting from  products like almonds, cashews to extraordinary specialities like special dry fruits chikkis and oreo chocolates.

We believe that its quality that matters the most. Therefore , our products are verified, tested and of optimum quality. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with  what we serve them. We ship our products all over India. Dry Fruit Mart has also tied up with Paytm, Amazon and Shopclues only for our customers convenience. Our dry fruits are packed with utmost care and perfection to make sure that they are delivered fresh and healthy.


Our vision reflects in our slogan itself. “It’s all about being healthy.” We believe that health comes first and therefore, we aim to provide our customers exceptional quality products and hence become premium online retailers in India.


To achieve our vision, we have a three- levelled approach,

  • To provide 100% natural 0%chemicals 100%organic products
  • To  benchmark our products at a price feasible to all.
  • To delight our clients with proper and reliable services.

Founded by two young entrepreneurs

Zain Virjee

Co Founder

Zain Virjee, Co-founder of Dryfruit Mart, is a leading supplier of healthy seeds in India.To specialize in the gourmet and confectionery sector, Zain has also started with Healthy berries and Exclusive nuts. Formerly, he gained experience by working with the renowned and reputed dryfruit company-  Royal Dry fruits Range His entrepreneurial journey includes building successful brands like  Being Healthy and Pumpkin seeds India co.

Ali Reza Zarwala

Co Founder

Ali Reza, co-founder of Dryfruit Mart is a tech expert with prior experience in the business world. Be it his management qualities as an HR at a leading ecommerce company- India circus Retail Pvt ltd.(Owned by Godrej group) and at K11 Fitness academy or his professional skills at Air India, he is always ready to exploit new opportunities. Ali, is a well- experienced player when it comes to the digital world. Excelling in the digital space, he is now a certified digital strategist at a leading digital marketing agency.

Dryfruit mart is a combined effort of Zain’s expertise in the gourmet sector and Ali’s exposure to the ecommerce industry. The vision of Ali to be a premium online retailer and Zain’s aspiration to become a successful seller brought to the commencement of a new venture: Dryfruit Mart- “It’s all about being healthy.”