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Now buy special and premium quality mixture of dry fruit with honey, powder & chocolate online dry fruit store – Dryfruit Mart.

Dryfruit mart offers a range of “DFM Specialties”, for you to experience the quality and uniqueness of our store. Our speciality retains the health factor of dry fruits but gives it a twist for you to enjoy a flavorful treat. this category includes products such as Honey dryfruits, Dryfruit milk masala powder, Special Dryfruit Milk Masala Powder With Saffron, Special Dryfruits Milk Chocolate, Special Chikki With Dry Fruits & Saffron.

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    Dryfruit Milk Masala Powder

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    This Dryfruit mart speciality is a healthy substitute to normal milk powder. This masala milk powder is a mixture of all healthy dry fruits including badam, kaju and pistas.  Buy dryfruit milk masala powder ar Dryfruit Mart and turn your  milk into a flavourful treat.

    From: Rs 644 From: Rs 622
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    Honey Dryfruits

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    Honey and dryfruits are an exciting combination of honey and your favourite dry fruits.

    Having honey and dry fruits along with your breakfast, keeps you energized throughout the day.Available only at Dryfruit Mart, indulge into the luscious taste of dry fruits mixed with honey.

    From: Rs 1,000 From: Rs 900
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    Special Chikki with saffron

    Special Chikki With Dryfruits & Saffron

    4.5 out of 5

    Dryfruit Mart brings to you it’s speciality Special Chikki with DryFruits-Saffron.  It includes the right amount of dry fruits and saffron needed to give you a crunchy treat whenever you’re hungry.

    From: Rs 300 From: Rs 250
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    Special Dryfruit Milk Masala Powder With Saffron

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    Special Dryfruit Milk Masala Powder With Saffron

    Enhance the flavour of plain milk with a pinch of saffron. Dryfruit mart brings to you a complete package of health and taste.  This special dryfruit mix masala powder with saffron is a healthy substitute to your plain milk. Buy Special Dryfruit Milk Masala Powder at Dryfruit Mart and remain energized throughout your day.

    From: Rs 842 From: Rs 733
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    Special Dryfruits Milk Chocolate

    0 out of 5

    Dryfruit Mart introduces an exquisite milk chocolate for you.

    This specialty is a combination of  rich dry fruits and milk chocolate. Enjoy the crunchy delight of  Special Dryfruits Milk Chocolate only at Dryfruit Mart.

    From: Rs 200 From: Rs 178
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    Special Mukhwas shop

    Special Mukhwas

    0 out of 5

    A Dryfruit mart speciality – special mukhwas is an elite and rejuvenating speciality of Dryfruit Mart.

    From: Rs 220 From: Rs 200