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    Buy Almon Dates

    Almond Inside the Dates

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    Jardalu apricots available for sale

    Jardalu Apricots

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    Jardalu or apricots have a delightful taste with a sweet and tangy zest.Rich is carotenoids,apriocts help maintain cholesterol level. The flavonoids present helps reduce high plasma glucose level.The presence of  Anthocyanin prevents oxidative stress.

    At Dryfruit mart get  a chance to purchase best quality apricots online.

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    Mix Dryfruit Chocolate

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    Dryfruit mart brings together -The nutrition of dry fruits and the love for chocolate. Introducing to you a scrumptious  mix dryfruit chocolate available at only at  dryfruit mart.

    From: Rs 160 From: Rs 156
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    Order Mix Dry Fruit

    Mix Dryfruits

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    Purchase Mix Dry fruit of premium quality online .

    Dryfruit mart brings to you, a bunch of delicious dry fruits packed        together so  that you can enjoy this healthy munching anytime during the day. The dryfruit mix includes badam, kaju, pista, jardalu and kismis.  Enjoy this power packed mix of dry fruits only at dryfruit mart.

    From: Rs 299 From: Rs 289